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Episode 9: Finding love unvaxxed, with Shelby Hosana, founder of


NOTE: This interview was transcribed from a podcast. Please excuse any errors that were introduced in the automatic translation process.

Interview with Shelby Hosana, Founder of Melanie Rubin Welcome to this episode of Parallel Times where I'll be chatting with Shelby Hosanna Thompson. Shelby, am I saying your name right? Shelby Hosana Yeah, you are. I'm actually just Shelby Hosanna these days. M: Okay, Shelby Hosanna. Glad I asked. And Shelby is the founder of, a service that helps people who are unvaccinated find each other for love, friendship, and community. Shelby, thanks so much for being with us today. S: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. And thank you for all of the work that you're doing to spread truth and awareness around the world. M: Absolutely. And you as well. We truth lovers need to stick together. S: Yeah, that's true. More than ever before. Indeed. M: Yeah.  So, I understand from your website that you founded Unjected in 2021, after seeing a need to create the world's first platform for the unvaccinated. And I just wanted to say that this new business is a great example of what I was at a conference, the Greater Reset Conference in January (2023) in Bastrop, Texas. And Mark Moss spoke, he's an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurial coach. And he talked about the blue ocean that is now available to serve people who are leaving the mainstream to pursue connections, commerce and lifestyle choices with others who are like minded. And so I had to go look that up. And it turns out that blue ocean theory was created by these economists Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne hope I'm saying that right. It's a French name. And they say that blue ocean entrepreneurial strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand.   So, this is all about as people are leaving what's been called the matrix or leaving the mainstream, that there will actually be new opportunities for entrepreneurship that are created. And so as someone who is studying the development of parallel society, including parallel marketplaces and economies, this idea of a blue ocean of entrepreneurship was really fascinating to me. And you're the first entrepreneur that I've interviewed whose business model fits this model of a parallel blue ocean endeavor.  So, I'm really excited that you're here. But before we jump into all of that, I understand that you're based in Maui. And I was just wondering if you wanted to say a word about the experience of being there. it's been so sobering to see all the videos and listen to what's going on there and all the craziness of what's been perpetrated on the Maui residents.   So, yes, any thoughts about that? S: Yes, I appreciate that. And thank you for helping keep Maui's voice in this cycle of just people hearing about it because the hour news cycle has forgotten about us. Definitely. And while we've seen at least what I've witnessed, in my opinion here is absolutely another 9/11. This is an absolute mass murder in the name of disaster capitalism. And there's so many parts from the actual day of the fire, the recovery process, and even to this day, with the housing crisis continuing that it truly is mind bending, it's shocking. And to the point so much to actually, my mom had escaped the fire that day, just barely. And narrowly, we got out of the blaze. And you know, I felt compelled alongside my incredible co author Stephanie Pierucci, we did write a book about this after we took a step back and we looked at Lahaina, and we looked at these fires that were happening all around the world, Greece California, like paradise. And even the way that they go about destroying places like Acapulco with a hurricane that didn't have any rain all these places that are set for smart cities they're being lined up to be flattened. And in the name of just, like I said, disaster capitalism.  So, we already noticed that there was a massive amount of evidence and testimony that was being already censored and deleted off of the internet.  So, we just wanted to make sure that the narrative did not get changed, and that we told the real truth and before they could erase it from the internet forever.   So, it's Burn Back Better. It is a it's a full dissertation that has cited resources. And it's a collection of really objective evidence. And so it just I hope people can also just use this and look at it as a as a resource to find out the playbooks for their own places that they live because these globalists and these elitists are going to stop at nothing. we're here to talk about vaccines today, which is one part of the depopulation agenda. But part of that is also through through these means of disaster and weather modification, too.   So, I appreciate you letting me tell that about Maui today before we get started, because yes, it's it's truly one of the most shocking things I've ever witnessed. And I never thought I would ever be into the citizen journalism in ever. But it literally was. It's so compelling to to watch this happen in in your backyard. And that we really just have to have to speak and find justice for these people.  So, yeah, that's that's where I'll leave that but yeah, burn back better. And I'm sure you can guess where the play on the words is, because they have this psych op of building back better. And that's not true. You've heard these politicians utter these words and they want to burn it. They want to blame it on climate change and they want to steal it.  So, it's up to us to stop that. M: Well, absolutely. And thank you for speaking out and collecting the information. And that's really amazing. Thank you. I worked in the disaster relief field for more than years. And what I started to see is that these disasters that were happening were not, “natural disasters,” right, as they accelerated as we worked with more and more wildfires, even in terms of the shootings that were happening.  So, it's really important to show people when they're ready to see the truth of what's happening.  So, thank you for doing that. And it must be heartbreaking to be there on the island and see the impact on the folks there. S: It is. Yeah, I appreciate that. Thank you. M:  So, let's jump into our conversation about Unjected. Ironically, creating an unvaxed dating site is something that I considered doing myself. I actually worked in the dating field a bit. I wrote a book for men called What Women Really Want from Men: A Step-by-Step Dating Manual. And I facilitated dating groups for men and women. And then when COVID happened, I was in the dating market myself. And it was just so challenging. I was on three different websites. And I had some really awful experiences when people found out my health choices and were really awful to me. And then I started including some clues on my profiles so that I had fewer inquiries because people were dissuaded from reaching out to me if they didn't have a similar belief system. But I ultimately did find my partner. And I feel really lucky because it was like finding a needle in a haystack in a football field full of haystacks. And I thought, we all need support at this time, friends support, partner support, family support. And so I thought there needed to be a service like this. And then you created it.  So, thank you for doing that. Just amazing. What made you decide to start this new business? S: Well if we were going to rewind the clock back into well, very, we can go very far back, but specifically in 2021, when we saw all of our friends, all of our family lining up, getting their vaccines, and then what were they doing? They're taking a selfie with it and then putting it on social media. And at the time it felt like you would go through Facebook or Instagram and you would see these people that you love, your friends and your family that literally lined up, in my opinion, to get a lethal injection. And, you know, there was quite a, like a lot of hurt in this time. You probably remember feeling, I felt like a grief kind of process, kind of very angry that you were just unheard, unheeded. People didn't care that you warned them not to do this. And at the same time of course, the unvaccinated were being slandered and ostracized just as a whole. And we had, not so coincidentally, hundreds of thousands of women that started reporting having menstrual changes in the spring of 2021. And it was after having the vaccine, being with a vaccinated partner, or even to the extent of being in a close office space like in shedding situation where they just around coworkers. And this was significant enough to where these women were coming together to try to find out what is happening to them, whether it was year old grandmothers that hadn't had period in or years starting their cycle again, or young women, their uterus is falling out having an onset of fertility issues immediately after. And then the media just was gaslighting them that that's not true. women are not having menstrual changes from the vaccine. It's not possible. Pfizer had, of course, dropped their first initial clinical trials at the end of February 2021, beginning of March. And specifically, pages seven through nine talks about exposure to trial participants, which is something I found extremely interesting. And when you dive deeper into these events, Pfizer themselves states that exposure in pregnancy is considered from being around a vaccinated person within days of conception by skin contact, inhalation, sweat, saliva, or any bodily fluid. It also states that men shouldn't have unprotected sex for at least days after being vaccinated. and the list goes on to what they continue to say in this document, which I found to be shocking. And the fact that no one really, knew what this meant, or the fact that they just kind of put this blanket statement of, well, they say that about all vaccines. And that's not true. And so when you combine all these things together, I just knew that people needed a place to find safe partners, friends, community at the time the mandates were at extreme high point as well. And so that was kind of the final call to action all of this cataclysm together. And Unjected was born actually as an app in the spring of 2021 for Apple and Google Play Store. But we were soon met with a lot of censorship, of course, when people were sharing their First Amendment constitutional rights of, what they believe the vaccine was capable of doing. And it was actually a reporter had reached out to Apple to say Apple, why do you let all of these anti-vaxxers have this community? There's almost , of them already. And Apple said excuse me, what are you talking about? And they just deleted just that date. And the reason was, of course, just misinformation regarding the COVID pandemic, since we were not a medical establishment. And Google was following suit. They would, they would actually, they were a little funnier, they would circle things in red, like status updates, or people's profiles, or maybe even a listing that they would make. And they would send it to me and they'd say, as a developer, you need to delete this deceptive content, that's either delete the content itself, or delete the members that are creating this content. And it was like, well, no, that's never gonna happen. This is our right to, to say what we believe and well we have a right to be here. And so it was kind of the, you can't fire us, we quit. And we decided to leave the big tech world and we decided to reformat as  So, it has been quite, quite a fun journey along the way. But we've had to be very resilient. M: And I just wanted to put in here that I feel like everyone needs love. And if people have decided to get vaccinated and they're seeking love, then that's great. Everybody's health choices, everybody should be able to have their own health choices. Right. But I don't see why a company that is providing a place for people who have made specific choices in their life should be censored. I mean, we have Christian mingle and we have silver singles. And this is just a place for people to find folks who are like them and meet their life choices.  So, why should this be any different? It's really interesting, isn't it? And in what's supposed to be a free marketplace that you would be censored or told you can't have a business for this group of people. S: Right. Yeah. Kind of being told that we're actually a danger or a threat to society. And the ironic thing about medical autonomy is it applies to everybody, whether you like it or not. And that would be just like what you said, whether you're a vaccinated person that's looking for love or you're not, you know, your medical autonomy and your personal choice of whatever you did with your body was yours. And they had no right to ostracize us for that or mandate us from society. And so it was an interesting time that we saw even today I'm sure that if we tried to get back on the app stores, we would have an issue doing so because there's still this cognitive dissonance of morality being placed upon medical decisions. And I feel that when it gets real down to it, the government doesn't like strong, independent, like minded people that are capable of getting together in person and conspiring against them.   So, if anything, they wanted to make sure that the most freedom loving people on the planet were having (trouble finding each other). Why would they want us to find each other and talk about their nefarious activities and really find out what they're up to?  So, the reason that these other these companies don't have issues because they are bending the knee to Pfizer. They are bending the knee to these captured agencies. And they're also using their members as products too. It's very interesting. Interesting to just what I've learned. M: Yeah. I'm sure it's been quite challenging. And I wanted to go back in history because I understand again from reading a bit on your website that part of this goes way back to your own vaccine injury when you were younger and how this shaped your beliefs and your values and your goals. Can you speak about that a bit? And again, I just want to honor each individual, each human being for the health choices that they make. I'm not trying to dictate anyone's health choices. And I think it's valuable for you to share your experiences as you do and explain why that led to the choice that you have to start Unjected.  So, can you share about that a little bit? S: Yeah, for sure. Well, like many people, my first experience with big Harma was being harmed by them. And before better, you don't do better. And I was a vaccinated child. My parents did not know better. And just like we saw today with propaganda, there was the HPV Gardasil vaccine, which was of course, highly touted as this revolutionary cancer preventative vaccine for for young girls that was going to just change everything. And whatever. And it was eerily similar to the vaccine series today. It was a three part series. And shortly after the third injection, I developed a myriad of heart conditions immediately. And I went from a healthy teenager to spending most of my time in a hospital. And I couldn't even go upstairs anymore. And it was there was “medical professional” that ever said this is a vaccine injury because they aren't one trained to recognize them. And they are sent to a medical school, all they do is learn regurgitated information from big pharma who paid for their textbooks.  So, they don't even know what a vaccine injury is. I was told it was an anomaly or just just anxiety and that my heart would jump into (high number) of beats a minute while I was asleep. And it's like that's that's not an anxiety issue. That was a vaccine injury. I have I healed myself over the years and I dove deeper into the pharmaceutical complex when I was actually pregnant with my daughter. And that's when I realized, wow, well, actually, none of these vaccines have safety, proper safety control studies on them. They've they've never been used with a with a proper blind placebo. And oh, also, they've never been tested together. They've never mixed all these vaccines together and tested them in a study. let alone the child Childhood Injury Act of 1986. there's just so many pieces to this puzzle of how they've been creating patients for generations straight from the womb. And people will say, oh, I was born with that. It's like, were you or were were you a vaccine injury? big pharma has been doing this for a long time. And a vaccinated child is a patient for life. And they learned that very early on. And they tried to make new patients and they've tried to make a lot of people patients and they've been very successful. And I feel like that's that was when I saw that playing out to in this day and age, it was it was all over again. And it was just like we've seen with these boys and myocarditis and the heart conditions that we're that we're watching this it's a story that's too eerily similar to my own experience. And so when I'm so avid that about these these vaccines and protecting your DNA and protecting the future generation, because, literally, there's there's babies that are having heart attacks and strokes in the womb. And if that doesn't wake up people, then I don't know what will. It's just crazy. M: Yes, it is crazy. And the studies of children who don't get vaccinated, who have incredible health like they don't have any health problems. And then especially now I'm seeing a lot of the millennials who have all kinds of autoimmune issues and just a real range of issues. And it's very sad because anyway, don't get me started.   So, clearly, this was your own background and what you struggled through when you were younger and having to heal yourself and address this has really informed your decision to create alternatives for people who can feel forced into getting vaccinated just to find a partner.   So, it's wonderful if that's if you're providing a safe place for people to find partnership without feeling pushed in into that.   So, let's talk a little bit about the Unjected site. I went on there and poked around. I see that it's free for women and that men pay a monthly membership. I'm sure people's first question is going to be what does it cost? Yes.   S: So, I'll start by saying first there's that proverbial statement of, oh, well, unvaccinated sperm, which I have on my thing here, is going to be worth more than Bitcoin. But that's not true. It's the eggs. Egg unvaccinated women and eggs are the most valuable commodity on the planet, in my opinion. And women should be treated as such. And we're tired of being abused on dating websites or apps, no names that they call on there and they'll send derogatory messages where they don't care. They'll copy and paste the same message over and over and over again to women in a row. And there's a lower quality standard at work that is there. And so we really just wanted to filter out those people from the door and you're coming to unjected to have a high quality interaction or relationship or friendship or whatever it may be. A lot of our people are traditional, just naturally we're not biased to anybody, but a lot of our people do believe in traditional values as well. And when our men come to Unjected and they pay their one time cover charge, it's essentially like holding the door open for your lady. you're saying that you are a man that is serious about finding a woman. We want to encourage people to be verified because we believe it's very important to be, but we know that not everybody wants to be.  So, that will be coming soon. M: Talk a little bit about the verification because of course this is something that differentiates Unjected from other dating websites. What the verification process is and how it works. S: Well, so since the beginning, we've always been asked well, how do you verify that somebody's unvaccinated and what do you do? What if they're lying? And, that was, that was always a top question for us. And at the time that the science is still revealing how we can actually determine the spike protein from long COVID versus a vaccine.   So, testing, there's not a 100% foolproof test yet. Actually, I think I might've found one today, but interestingly enough, where the, the DNA sequence of vaccinated people is different enough to differentiate whether they've had the vaccine or whether they've had COVID. They only have about 72% of the same DNA sequence after being vaccinated.  So, literally their DNA has been altered more than 25%. And that's maybe going to be a determiner for us in the future. But since these technologies are being unveiled the only way that we can do this is by an affidavit or a test station.   So, members come into Unjected, you actually meet with one of our Unjected nurses at the clinic that we have, which is through our partner at TWC, the wellness company, which is where Dr. Peter McCullough hangs his hat. And so you actually just meet online with a nurse. She goes through the affidavit with you that that you are unvaccinated, that you haven't been sleeping with vaccinated individuals, you've been protecting yourself and being vigilant. And then also that you understand that it's sexual misconduct to lie to Unjected or lie to your partner about your vaccine status. This is AIDS as far as we are concerned. This is the new AIDS.  So, you cannot just go around lying about this. You have to hold the decision you made, whether it was to get it or not. And so once you go through your affidavit, you then get verified immediately. You can go into the member portal and start connecting with people, whether that's for friendships or dating, community, literally any kind of option that you can think of. And then so the difference will be, if you don't want to be verified, then you can just have your own private carousel for our premium members just to make sure the integrity of the people who have gone through the process, they can make sure that they're connecting with members who've only done the same. M: I see. Great. Thank you for the explanation. That's really fascinating. And the history of what you've had to go through to figure that all out. It's a little subtle. It's a little bit complicated.  So, congratulations for figuring out a workflow that would work. That must have been very, very interesting process. S:  So, it is you can't imagine like asking a bunch of conspiracy theorists to give you blood, right?  So, it's quite the funny workaround. M:  Something for the dating follies or variety show or something. Saturday Night Live of the ridiculous things that have happened since COVID.   So, how many members do you have and where are they located? Yeah, well, we actually have over 300,000 members in over 90 different countries.  So, we've got Unjected people all over this planet. And they try to make you feel like you're all alone, but you're not there's a way more unvaccinated people than you would even imagine.   So, one thing that has been tricky is that we haven't been able to transfer profiles from the original app and our last relaunch.  So, we've kind of been during this process of onboarding our members back onto the website from our latest relaunch, but it's been going really well. We've got tons of people back on there. And then we're still, they're still filtering in one by one as they find out that website is back up again and restructured with TWC. But yeah, there's a healthy population and even Dr. McCullough, he says that he thinks that maybe 25% of the world is still unvaccinated.  So, that's a couple billion people and we should be proud of that. And we can get by with those people. M: Yeah, that's great. And you're doing such a service, you're blessing people by giving them a way to find each other whatever your spiritual orientation is, that's a blessing to give people a way to find companionship or friendship or community. It's a great gift. S: Yeah, I feel immensely blessed. Yeah. M: That's great.  So, what has your success rate been like with the site? Do you have any, can you give us like one great juicy story that's come out of the site? S: We've got, geez, I want to say we're up to like five, six marriages already.  So, we do have lots of success stories. Our latest couple actually, my co-host went out to their wedding and that was so amazing. He actually got to go in person and see them, start the co-host for the podcast. But yeah, no, we have a really great success rate because we knock out those really hard questions out of the way. We have a lot of really eccentric interest options that you've probably never seen on another dating site before. And so we have a really fun way of being able to match you based on things that you would have never been able to match with on another site or a different way of communicating.   So, it's really fun to see when people send photos of them in new relationships or when they have gotten engaged and getting like even this, I have, oh, it fell over. I've got like a wedding invitation from somebody. And like that's, it just fills my heart so much to know that it actually, it does work and it's making a change for these people. And like you said, everyone's deserving of love and you're deserving of respect for your decisions. And you don't need somebody to think that you're a conspiracy theorist or that you're a crazy person. You should be standing beside an apocalypse partner who's ready to take on the world with you. And that's kind of where we are in this time in history where we never really thought that before, but it's coming to these moments where it's who you're with and the community that you have is going to maybe be dependent on your survival one day. And it's important that we get these things together. And so I'm so stoked to see that working for other people so well. And we actually just joke that we're waiting on our first Unjected baby for any day now. One of these, one of them, we, maybe it's my baby, but we'll, we'll, we'll one of them first. M: Very cool. That's, that's great.  So, what recommendations do you have for unvaccinated people who are trying to find a partner in today's world on or offline? And I would guess that of course, one of them would be to join Unjected, but beyond that, what recommendations would you have about how to deal with this situation where all the things we've just discussed? S: Well, yes, my first one is definitely first and foremost. But what I would say is just like, don't beat around the bush. There's, there's no time to waste quite frankly, it's one of the first questions I ask anybody. Because it really gives me a gather on who they are, how, how I'm going to communicate with them, where, where the conversation or relationship is going to go in general. And whether that's romantic business friendship, it doesn't matter. I ask them if they're vaccinated because it's, it's a, it's a difference of a lot of things. And I just, I I, I'm very outspoken and I just implore others to, to be brave, be confident that you're unvaccinated. Like being an unmodified human is actually spectacular. There's not very many of us left. And being unvaccinated is the, is, is showing that you have conviction towards not only yourself, your, your personal health, freedom, and, and others then so just, that would be my advice to people is to be proud. And then you're going to attract the people that are also proud of you and want to stand beside you as well. M: One thing I wondered about when I was thinking about doing a website, a dating website is whether there might be some provision for people who have gotten vaccinated and then realize that that wouldn't have been their preferred choice. And we have a detoxification process or whatever.  So, yeah, do you have a way for folks to join if that's their situation? S: Yes.  So, in previous versions of the site, we've had that and we will have it back again. We're just working on rebuilding it again. But it's, we called it Vax afflicted because of course it's an affliction, whether, whether, however you got to this, this place, it was an affliction.   So, and we didn't start seeing this until the first booster was introduced and all these people who got the vaccine kind of scratched their head and they were like, but you told us we didn't need anymore. And that was kind of their first aha moment where they're like, oh, I don't want to keep going and getting boosters or I really got a vaccine injury immediately. And then they realized, oh, I had woken up and those people did reach out to us and they said I, I regret being vaccinated, but can I be Unjected? And it kind of circles back to what I said earlier, which is medical autonomy is medical autonomy, whether you like it or not. And what I recommend the vaccinated partner for anybody, absolutely not. But that's my personal decision. And it's not up to me to tell you what your best decision is. If you want to have sex with a vaccinated person, because you love that they have a mindset that's similar to yours, then that's within your wherewithal to do that. But this is just like the same with us that we had the decision not to. And so the vaxxeed, the people on Unjected, when we do welcome it back on, it will be a private carousel. You're not going to be able to match with verified people unless they allow that.  So, the verified person will have to accept whether they want to choose the interaction with you. But that is something that we don't want to exclude everybody. They're our friends and our family and we love them. And we still care about these people. And I believe one day one day the unvaccinated are going to provide immense services to helping them with their own health in the future, whether that's transfusions of unvaccinated blood to vaccinated individuals, just to help keep them healthy and alive. I believe that our relationships are going to continue with them.   So, we have to stick together. We have to stay strong. And when we come together, people who have been red-pilled are on our side. We need them. We need them to fight this beast. We can't do it by ourselves. And so I thank everyone who's woken up and has the courage to admit that they were wrong. And, it's not something that we're going to make fun of you for. it's more of that we're actually sorry that that's happened to you. We're angry that you've been duped. We are angry that they committed a crime against humanity, against the population of the earth. And the sooner that we come together it will be easier for all. And, it's kind of like ironic how we got here anyways, because it's all stemmed from love. they wanted us to get vaccinated because they love and care about us so much and they fear for our life. And we didn't want them to get vaccinated because we love and we care about them and we fear for their life.  So, it's literally the same thing that we care about, which is just each other. And we just have to just let each other be. M: Yeah, I completely agree. The us and them thing in any way, whatever way, whether it's Democrats and Republicans or vaccinated and unvaccinated or what the blue people and the green people, I don't care what it is, all that division. I feel like the thing that's under the blue ocean in the deep ocean is just that we all love each other, period, whatever our choices have been. And we're all here together on this earth.  So, how are we going to move forward together and live and let live?  So, I'm glad to hear there's a spot on the website for people who have been vaccinated, who realized that that was not their their this was not my wonderful life. Yeah. But for whatever reason, I mean, I know single moms who are nurses who couldn't work if they didn't get vaccinated when I left my job in health care because I got kicked out because I wouldn't get vaccinated.  So, it's just it's been a rough road. S: Yeah. And that was coercion. And screw everybody who did that to everyone. That was coercion is not consent. You were medically raped. And we need to hold these people accountable for what they've done. And I implore everyone to if you've been vaccinated to check out spike support. Actually, I have one right here. M: Please spell it for us. S: Yes. It's called Spike Support.  So, SPIKE support or you can get it on TWC dot health or you can use my I mean, I actually have a link to But truly this isn't I've seen so many people have a really amazing success stories with this. It's got nattokinase in it, which has been shown to dissolve the spike protein accumulation among other things. But it's really incredible what Dr. McCullough and the doctors over there have formulated. And I don't want to sound like an ad like it's just legit. Like this stuff is incredible. And so I do recommend it for anybody who's got the vax. And they also provide like a lot of resources if you were vaccine injured, if you don't know where to start, if you're having trouble relating to a doctor who even knows what happened to you you can definitely also find a lot of solace there, too.   So, I just want to give them a little shout out because we have to work together in helping these people because there is long term consequences. And they're not everybody is going to get out of this scotch free. M:  So, I know. I've just had a whole bunch of people die who were vaccinated. And so when you talk about the grief it's a real thing to lose people you you love and to see that they seemed perfectly healthy beforehand. And then they got turbo cancer or they just dropped dead or they had preexisting conditions. And then those were rapidly accelerated.  So, yeah, that's that's that's an unfun thing. But for people who've been vaccinated who decide that they'd like to detox, there certainly are resources available. And thank you for providing that one. That's great.   So, let's come back to Unjected and this blue ocean thing. S: I like it. Ocean in my background. M: I think that's right.  So, appropriate for a person from Maui. I don't know if we can call you a Mauian. What do we call it? S: Yeah. Okay. Love it. M:  So, starting a business almost always has challenges in the current context and what you're doing. What have some of the challenges been for you starting and running this business you mentioned having to rebuild your website.  So, what are those some of those challenges been and how have you overcome those? And I'll just give you a little like my my sly agenda here is for folks who are pursuing this blue ocean and parallel society you are likely to run into some challenges.  So, I'd love to get any pages from your book of how you've overcome those and what mindset it took as well as practically speaking any any tips so that people can learn from what you've been through. S: Definitely. I when I felt the call to step into this moment I never had any prior tech experience at all. I was a stay at home mom and a photographer and I I never thought of making an app or a website or how would that even work. How does the internet even internet. And you know that was my my first challenge for sure was one tech and learning how to even get this to fruition with such a small budget. I was this is this was just bootstraps and Steve Jobs in the garage kind there was no investments there was no funding. This was just built out of this the passion of wanting to help help people like myself who were feeling alone. And and so that was that was the first challenge and the second challenge would have been the immense amount of censorship. of course getting deleted off of Apple was one Google. But we've been actually deleted off of Instagram nine times. I've actually lost like well over 100,000 , followers through the course of this and then it reverberated to they deleted my my personal photography business. They deleted my personal accounts that had nothing to do with Unjected but just because it had my name on it. that was worth getting deleted.  So, they essentially actually vaporized my my whole business in that that survived me up until then. And once once I knew that they were going out of their way to stop at nothing to do this I was like well I must be on the right track and there you kind of hit the nail on the head when they try to get you get you out of there and they don't want these people to connect. They don't want these strong powerful un vaccinated people to to find each other. And I've been calling it the repopulation agenda instead of the depopulation agenda. And that's why they're so adamantly against it. And so censorship excuse me tech censorship just learning how to to be in this world. But mindset wise like it's not it wasn't easy lots of death threats lots of mean emails lots of articles written and hate hate spiels. But what I fear the most is what will happen for my children. What happens to them if I do nothing if if if this battle goes past me it's going to fall at their feet and they'll have to deal with it later. And that's not what we're here to do. We're not here to leave messes for children to clean up let alone actual crime against humanity. But the freedoms that are being stolen from us every day this is just the first of big agendas. And these globalists these state-ists, these people the ones in the shadows the oligarchs to actually rule the world they want to stop at nothing.  So, it it you have to I guess just find the courage within yourself that they can't suicide us all. They can't get rid of all of us when we all stand up and say I've had enough. It'll be enough. But we just have to have the courage and we have to tell people jump in the water is warm and we're ready to take our freedom back. And I think right now it's just people are it's that tribe mentality and it's the psychological burden that when you speak out about something and you get excluded from the tribe you might lose your stability. that's why people went and got vaccinated was tribe mentality. Nurses who didn't lose their job that was tribe mentality. You had an option you could have lost your job you could have but you feared losing your stability and humans are interesting creature. And so you have to let go of lose it you have to let go of the fear of losing your stability or losing your social status and understand that you're fighting for the truth and you're fighting for the fight. And that's going to look like not sunshine and rainbows and glitter and magic and fun times and it's going to be like a lot of it's going to be a battle. This is a spiritual battle. This is fifth generational warfare and most people don't even know that it's happening. It's a war that nobody knows is happening. And so I commend you one if you're even a person who's in this moment in time like thank you for being here and I know that it's difficult and just know that like you have to kind of come out of that. It's like the red pill to black pill to gold pill moment where you you awaken you realize how terrible everything is and then you have to come out on the other side and you have to be gold filled right.  So, we just have to hold that mentality. We have to work together. We have to be create courageous and we have to stop at nothing until we we take down these people. And and so I would just just tell people just to fear not to fear what will happen by not doing anything or by doing something fear fear what will happen by not doing something. You should fear. M: Yes and I think the key thing that you talked about there is having that higher sense of purpose of who we're doing this for that. I've said this on other shows for me it's all about the kids. It's about the kids who are here and the young people who are here and those who are coming.   So, they can't if they're coming into a world with 15-minute cities and digital identification and eating bugs and having vaccines in their food and surveillance and all of that. That's that's not a world I want to leave for the young people that are coming after me.  So, we have to do it now because by the time they're born they there's a lot of control that will be lost if we don't do something now.   So, I appreciate what you're doing and the challenges and your willingness to wade into the tech and say all right well I don't know anything about this but I'm going to figure it out. S: There's a lot of YouTube tutorials a lot of late nights a lot of Google searches of how do you do zeros and ones and how do you do key codes and things and so don't let that deter you. Like I literally the last math class I took was a pre algebra math class in high school. I would I am not somebody who knows tech by any means but when there is a will there's a way. You can you can make anything happen if you believe in it hard enough. it sounds silly it's kind of like well that's not true what it's like it really is you just you have to believe you don't believe in it's it's fruition. M: Right and it's amazing how people come along to help you when you are on the right path and when you're in your right right path for your own purpose of why you showed up here on this planet.  So, yeah I was amazed at the wonderful people who just turn up to help me.   So, I want to keep us at under an hour both for your time because we're a little over on your time and also for the folks who are watching so that it's manageable for them. But I'd like to wrap things up with what advice would you have for prospective entrepreneurs who are thinking of creating products or services to serve new niche demand in parallel society. Any additional advice that you haven't already given them by example. S: Yeah I probably I probably just ranted a lot of it but just be probably just be easy on yourself. That'd probably be my last bit of advice it's it's a continuous battle and it's an everyday and it's it's not something that can be won overnight.  So, take good care of yourself get sunshine get rest get human connection get go get some hugs get some fresh air get off the keyboard and it all of your work will be there when you get back. And so don't forget in the process of fighting the spiritual war to take care of your own spirit. M: Thank you so much. Thank you. Shelby Hosanna I'm so impressed with your work and so grateful you took time out to meet with me today. A lot of people are going to be really interested with what you're doing and I hope you get some new Unjected folks and there's some new wonderful matches that come out of this conversation that would make me super happy. S: Me too. I appreciate it Melanie and thank you for helping spread spread the mission even further and also Maui getting the word out about Maui and just all of it. I really appreciate what you're doing. M: You too. Thanks so much.

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